Follow Me Into Business Activities:

  • Membership meetings
  • Workshops
  • Shadowing
  • Mentoring
  • Internships
  • Guest Speakers
  • Summer Jobs for students, ages 16-18
  • Corporate Tours

Since the program began, the Jackson Madison County African American Chamber has served more than 500 students.  Currently, the program is only available to students residing in Jackson, TN.  For more information, call 731-424-2030.

Photo above: Jason Bates, Toyota Bodine administrative manager, uses introductory film to explain what students will be seeing on their plant tour.

Photo above:  Sharon Smith of Engineering leads tour of Jackson City Hall.

This summer, the African American Chamber provided two-hour workshops and training on Thursdays and/or Fridays in June and 1-hour shadowing and mentoring opportunities for ages 12-15 in July.  There was also a 4-week computer class during June.  Transportation was provided by Lane College. Coordinators were Mary Weddle and Margaret Kimmins.

For ages 16-18, The Chamber also provided 12 paid summer jobs,  funded by the City of Jackson, during the month of July.  Job sites included D & L Grocery, Family Healthcare of Jackson, Food Rite, It's Printed, Lane College Athletic Department, Nell Huntspon Flower Box, RIFA and Walgreens-South Highland.

BancorpSouth President Doug Roth hosted a luncheon for Follow Me teen workers, parents and leaders of the Jackson Madison County  African American Chamber on July 21, 2015 at the main branch located at 301 E. Main St.  This was the second year the bank has hosted the event.

Members of 2015 Follow Me Into Business Summer Jobs Program toured Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) on July 24, 2015

End of Summer City Tour

Follow me into business

Twenty-two participants in the 2015 Follow Me Into Business Summer Jobs Program for ages 12-18 learned that things are not always what they appear to be.   Case in point, the garden located on East College covering the bunker or underground headquarters of the local utility company, Jackson Energy Authority.  The bunker was built after the 2003 tornado that knocked out area services.  The students also visited Jackson City Hall and Toyota Bodine Alumninum.  



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