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JAN 26

Join us for the Local Authors Panel -- James E. Cherry, Daryl Hubbard, John Scofield and Velma Wilson on Jan. 26, 7:45am at Royal Reeds.

FEB 27

"Celebrating Connections, Building the Future" is the theme for the 14th Annual JEWEL Awards Banquet and Concert.     More

POWER BREAKFAST presents local book authors

Join us in January for the Power Breakfast featuring invited local authors James E. Cherry, Daryl Hubbard,

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NOW - JAN 2015

Officials are seeking community feedback on the One Jackson Civic Master Development Plan. Visit the City of Jackson website for information on the plans.

Award Nominations Open


The Jackson Madison County African American Chamber of Commerce will present its 14th Annual Jewel Awards Banquet -- which recognizes outstanding business owners and raises funds for our Follow Me Into Business® youth development program --  on Friday, February 27, 6:30pm at Oman Arena, 179 Lane Avenue, Jackson, TN.  Entertainment will be provided by the dynamic group, Harmonic Vibrations featuring Tonya Dyson, Yochanan Ben Yisrael, James Sexton, Darryl Sanford, Vince Oglesby and Gerard Harris.

The deadline for nominations for this year's Annual Jewel Awards is February 2nd.   To be eligible you must have a business in Jackson,  Madison County or  any of the connecting counties.  There are four categories -  Ruby Award for new businesses of 1-5 years, Diamond Award for 6-10 year old businesses, Emerald Award for 11-20 year old businesses and Jewel Award for mature businesses of 20+ years.

Attend the Jewel Awards and support the chamber's mission fostering the growth and development of member business, youth entrepreneurial development and community economic development.   If you are unable to attend the event on February 27th, make a donation to the Follow Me Program or become a business member or a supporting member if you don't have a business.  Nomination forms and Membership Applications are available as well as tickets can be obtained through this website.   VIP banquet tickets are $75,  General Admission loge balcony tickets are $25 for adults and $10 for youth and college students.