The mission of the Jackson Madison County African American Chamber of Commerce (founded in 1999) is the growth and development of member businesses, youth entrepreneurial development and economic and community development in the Jackson Madison County and surrounding areas as a whole.


President:  Charles W. Adams II

Vice-President: Garey Jenkins

Secretary:  Nell Huntspon

Treasurer:  Grady Carter


Clarence D. Boone            Delita Johnson

Comm. Katie Brantley       Bill Marable

Duane Cherry                    Harold D. Nance

Charles A. Clark Jr.           J C Shelley  

Camille Jacox                    April Wilson


Executive Director:  Florence Howard

Office Manager:   Margaret Kimmins

Finance Director:  Don McCorry

The Jackson Madison County African American Chamber of Commerce (JMCAACC) was founded in 1999 as the African American Business Coalition for the purpose of assisting in the growth and development of member businesses.  Now, 16 years later, we have expanded our focus and our membership.  

 Our members are 51%-owned and operated small businesses as well as corporations, churches, students and non-business supporters who support the economic development of Black-owned businesses.  .  

board of directors


Greetings from the Jackson Madison County African American Chamber.

JMCAACC is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a three-fold mission: The Growth and Development of Member Businesses, Youth Entrepreneurial Development and Community  and Economic Development in West Tennessee and particularly in Jackson Madison County.

As the resource for African American business owners, partnerships and corporations in Rural West Tennessee, our objective is to help new and existing businesses reach their potential by using our resources to connect them with major corporations, community leaders, and other business owners so that they learn, grow and network for greater economic development and success. The strength of our businesses determines the strength of our communities and families.

In keeping with our mission, we highlight outstanding contemporary and historical business owners through our Annual Jewel Awards Banquet.  We train and educate young people, ages 12-18, for success in business (and in life) through our Follow Me Into Business® youth workforce development program that offers soft skills training, shadowing, mentoring and internships or paid summer jobs.  As part of the eight-week summer program, we also offer a tour of government offices and provide community service opportunities. We provide support for business owners with workshops and our latest effort is a new small business conference, the West Tennessee Business Showcase and Economic Development Conference.  We also offer a morning of golf in fun with our Follow Me Celebrity Golf Classic held the second Tuesday in September.

I take this opportunity to recognize and to thank my predecessor Clarence D. Boone who helped found the African American Chamber in Jackson (TN) and who served from April 1999 to December 2019.  You are invited to join us as a member of the Jackson Madison County African American Chamber.  Please look through our website to learn more about how we might help you to grow, expand and move your business to the next level.  As President of JMCAACC, it is my honor to welcome you to our website and the opportunities available as we work and collaborate together.

Charles Adams

  • Annual JEWEL Awards

  • West Tennessee Business Showcase

  • Follow Me Into Business

  • Follow Me Celebrity Golf Classic

  • Power Breakfast

  • Holiday Open House

  • Envisioning East Jackson Collaborative

  • East Jackson Neighborhood Plan